Give a Thumbs Up


Thumbs Up Waterloo Region is a community campaign directed to both cyclists and motorists, and aims to improve road safety through education, engineering, and enforcement while fostering a community culture of sharing the road. With more and more cyclists on the road each year, this campaign emphasizes the importance of working together to create a positive experience for all road users.

Thumbs Up WR returns in June of 2015! More radio ads, more bells, more tweets, more places to go!

Highlights of the 2014 Thumbs Up Waterloo Campaign include:

  • Over 300 social media posts, promoting the campaign’s key messages, local events and activities and distributing prizes and giveaways through the #thumbsupwr hashtag
  • Over 100 radio advertisements aired over a six week period, describing tips that motorists can follow to avoid collisions with cyclists
  • An exclusive 16-page insert in The Record, reaching 66,000 households with information on cycling and driving safety tips, upcoming events, and prize giveaways
  • Over 11,000 printed materials, including posters and handouts containing the campaign’s key messages
  • Over 800 free bicycle bells distributed to residents, promoting safe and predictable cycling behaviour
  • Establishment of a community partnership between the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, the Region of Waterloo, Waterloo Cycling Club, Waterloo Regional Police Services and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation

This collaborative working group of stakeholders is creating a strong foundation for positively influencing active transportation in our communities. Learn more about our Partners, view our Resources to launch a similar campaign in your community, and Join the Conversation to get involved in future initiatives.

Remember, we all have places to go. Give a thumbs up and let’s all get there safely.

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